Garden Designer and Gardening Speaker, Roddy Llewellyn

Gardening Lecturer - Roddy Llewellyn

Since a child Roddy Llewellyn has been fascinated by plants and gardening. It all started when he was given a packet of seeds and a tulip bulb aged three. In 1976/77 he gained the National Certificate of Horticuture and the Surrey County Certificate in Landscape Construction at Merrist Wood Agricultural College in Surrey, and in 1977 he formed Roddy Llewellyn Landscapes. From 1978-80 commissions were mostly undertaken in the UK and the West Indies.

In 1981 Roddy Llewellyn's first book, 'Town Gardens', was published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson, followed by six others - 1985 'Beautiful Backyards', 1987 'Water Gardens: The Connoisseur's Choice' (both Ward Lock); 1989 'Elegance & Eccentricity', (Ward Lock/Cassell); 1991 'Growing Gifts' (for children; Chapmans); 1993 'Grow It Yourself' (for the elderly and disabled; Cedar), and 1997 'Roddy Llewellyn's Gardening Year', based on the creation of his garden in Oxfordshire.

From 1981-85 Roddy was gardening correspondent for ‘The Star’, and from 1987-1999 for the ‘Mail on Sunday’. In 1982 and 83 he was gardening writer for ‘Oracle’. During 1996 he wrote a monthly series for ‘Country Homes & Interiors’. In 1984 he gave a gardening lecture tour Sydney, Australia, and in 1987 designed an indoor gardening exhibition both at Selfridges in London and at Hertie in Munich.

In 1988 he designed a garden at Chelsea Flower Show (Silver Gilt) and at Hampton Court Flower Show (also Silver Gilt). The next year he designed a range of furniture for Ashworth Leisure. In 1990 he presented 'The Home Show' (Thames TV) with Molly Parkin and in 1992 and 1993 'The Gardening Roadshow' (Thames TV). Since 1993 he has been a Guest Presenter on 'Grass Roots' (Meridian/Bazal TV).

Roddy Llewellyn's experience in horticulture has been wide and varied. In 1994 he was a Guest Panelist on ‘BBC Gardener’s Question Time’, and in 1995 was elected an Associate Member of the Institute of Horticulture. A monthly series for 'Country Homes & Interiors' followed in 1996 when he was also a regular Guest on 'This Morning' with Richard and Judy. In the same year he lectured in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

From 1997 until 1999 Roddy presented ‘Roddy Llewellyn’s Garden Guide’ with BSkyB (Granada Breeze), running to almost 200 programmes. In 1997 he also lectured in the USA.

A year later in 1998 Roddy was contracted as Gardening Presenter for 'This Morning', and wrote monthly for ‘Period Living & Traditional Homes’ on a variety of subjects 2000-2003. In 2001 he presented a series for HTV on Famous Welsh Gardens.

2001-2005 he wrote regularly the magazine ‘Country Illustrated’.

In 2001/2002 he chaired a series of twenty garden lectures for Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, filmed Series 2 on famous Welsh Gardens for HTV, and has since written for ‘Saga’ magazine on the practicalities of gardening. He has been a Patron of the Southport Flower Show since 1996.

In 2003 Roddy co-presented programmes for the series ‘Turf Wars’, also ‘Best of Britain’ (BBC).

During the winter of 2003 and 2004 Roddy launched the ‘Llewellyn Lectures’ near his home in Oxfordshire at the Burford Garden Company. Speakers for term one included Carol Klein, Alan Titchmarsh and Bunny Guinness.

A second Term of the ‘Llewellyn Lectures’ which ran from January until April 2004, and speakers included Joanna Trollope, Roy Lancaster and the TV chef Brian Turner.

Starting in January 2005, continuing into 2006 Roddy hosted a further new series of lectures at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens near Burford. Talkers include Chris Beardshaw, Robin Lane-Fox and James Alexander-Sinclair.

Since 2006 Roddy has written a monthly page for ‘Country Life’ in In My Garden, and since 2007 has been actively involved with The Retirement Show at Olympia, Glasgow and Manchester chairing the Q&A there. In 2008 he appeared in BBC Gardener’s World filmed at the garden at Charlbury Station which he has maintained on a purely voluntary basis, with friends, since 2000.

In October 2010 Roddy took over as consultant for the gardens at Sudeley Castle to advise on new projects, design and planting.

In 2011 Roddy was made Patron of The Gardening for Disabled Trust.

Roddy Llewellyn lectures on a variety of horticulture-related subjects, and designs gardens from small urban to country estates.